MecLab Mechatronics Training System

Automation Training System
                     Automated systems are found in almost  every industry today. With Festo MecLab, students gain insight into the use of automation technology in a production environment. The three MecLab stations represent simplified models of typical production processes found in most automated factories.







Learning Objectives
MecLab covers a variety of topics and objectives including:

  • Introduction to industrial automation technical terms
  • Planning, developing, and building automated systems
  • Technical documentation
  • Building models and creating simulations
  • Open and closed-loop control systems
  • Pneumatic and electrical actuators, sensors and controllers
  • Using computers as tools for programming and simulation


MecLab Mechatronics Training System

MecLab Hardware
Each system is delivered in its own storage unit fully assembled and ready for immediate use.  It is sturdy and capable of withstanding the rigors of a school environment.

There are three different functions:

  1. Conveyor Station: Transports and sorts the parts.
  2. Stack Magazine Station: Stores, feeds, and presses the part.
  3. Handling Station: Uses a pneumatic gripper to pick up the part and deposit each at pre-defined point.

The Complete Package
Contains everything you need for working with MecLab:

  • Stack Magazine Station
  • Conveyor Station
  • Handling Station
  • Compressor
  • 3 EasyPorts
  • 3 Power Supplies (24 vdc)
  • 18 FluidSIM Software
  • Documentation on CD-ROM
  • Work pieces
  • Tools
  • Hardware set
  • Storage Containers