Accelerated Galvanic Corrosion Testing Trainer

Curriculum Coverage

  • Selecting materials for different applications
  • Predicting new galvanic series of metals
  • Exploring and identifying the causes of reversal of polarity


  • Computer based Galvanic Corrosion Testing Trainer used to teach students how to measure the galvanic current values and direction for 2-4 electrodes
  • Comprises all required sensors to measure galvanic values
  • For use with National Instruments Data Acquisition & Control hardware

The Accelerated Galvanic Corrosion Testing Trainer is an electrochemical integrated system for measuring the
galvanic current values and directions for 2-4 electrodes. It comprises a corrosion cell where the 2-4 electrodes are exposed to electrolyte for allowing electrochemical oxidation and reduction reactions to occur on their surface.

The 2-4 electrodes are different flat metallic specimens arranged adjacent and parallel to each other at the bottom of  the corrosion cell so that the electrolyte is kept perpendicular on the flat specimens.

This trainer enables students to select the type of each metallic electrode, measure the coupling potential, temperature & pH, store data, and monitor the elapsed & remaining time during the experiment.