Level & Pressure Measurement Trainer

Curriculum Coverage

  • Capacitance Level Meter Characteristics
  • Ultrasonic Level Meter Characteristics
  • Piezoresistive Sensor Characteristics


  • Computer based Level & Pressure Measurement Trainer used to teach level and pressure sensing technologies
  • Comprises all required sensors to measure level  and pressure
  • For use with National Instruments Data Acquisition & Control hardware

LPMT001 is a bench-mount trainer that is used to teach students how to measure level and pressure using different
types of measuring devices; Capacitance Level Meter, Ultrasonic Level Meter and Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor.

Developed for use with a wide variety of National Instruments data acquisition and control platforms - easy-to-use,
highly expandable programmable automation controllers, intelligent communication interfaces, and rugged I/O modules.These industrial I/O modules filter, calibrate, and scale raw sensor signals to engineering units and perform self diagnostics to look for problems.

The curriculum covered includes understanding the characteristics of the different level measuring devices and comparing between their different behaviors and characteristics.