Imaging & Motion Control Trainer

Curriculum Coverage

  • Image Acquisition
  • Image Analysis & Processing
  • PID Control
  • Motors Drive & Control
  • Machine Vision Applications


  • Computer based Imaging and Motion Control

Trainer used to teach image acquisition, analysis,

processing & control

  • Comprises all required cameras and actuators to

perform the experiments list

  • For use with National Instruments Data Acquisition

& Control hardware

IMCT001 is a training setup intended for teaching courses in image processing and motion control, as well as a tool
for practicing simple artificial intelligence tasks.

Students can use this easy and interactive setup to learn image processing algorithms including: edge detection,
pattern matching...etc. and using these algorithms to find the open path in a maze. Moreover, the students can learn
how to drive and control motors and how to combine imaging and motion control to build real life applications.

Developed for use with a wide variety of National Instruments image acquisition and motion control platforms.