Power Quality Trainer

Curriculum Coverage

  • Power Calculation
  • Power Quality Analysis & Measurements
  • Effect of Different Loads on Power Quality
  • Event Logging & Configuration


  • Computer based Power Quality Trainer
  • Comprises all required sensors to measure voltage and current
  • For use with National Instruments Data Acquisition & Control hardware

Power quality plays a major role in affecting reliability of assets and machinery which is an area of great Importance to enterprises. Although power is generated and delivered to facilities at set standards, many disturbances occur that affect the quality of the delivered power, either from the destination facility and/or neighboring ones.

At industrial sites, the main power consumption sources are motors, heaters, and arc furnaces – which can all affect power quality tremendously. Modern electric equipment often use switching power supplies that step up or down the voltage introducing serious decrease in power quality.

The Power Quality Trainer is based on a widely used set of analysis tools developed for the power and industrial sectors. The student is introduced to power quality measures including: Short Duration Variations, Long Duration Variations, Waveform Distortion, Harmonics, Voltage Fluctuations, and Power Frequency Variations