Fuel Cell Trainer

Curriculum Coverage

  • Solar Cell Characteristics
  • Solar Cell as Diode
  • Electrolysis Characteristics
  • Fuel Cell Characteristics
  • Computer based Fuel Cell Trainer
  • Comprises all required sensors to measure the light intensity, temperature, voltage and current
  • For use with National Instruments Data Acquisition & Control hardware


Fuel cells are one of the key technologies of the 21st Century. Today manufacturers worldwide are actively engaged in developing fuel cells for use in mobile devices, automobiles and stationary power plants.

The Fuel Cell Trainer setup is designed as a quick and easy way to introduce the concepts of energy conversion and fuel cells. This unique package allows instructors to quickly demonstrate the concepts of using solar or kinetic energy as a power source for an electrolyser, which will in turn, produce hydrogen that will be used to feed a fuel cell, from which a load will be powered. A great tool for exposing students to the technologies of tomorrow and introducing
“green energy” alternatives.