Machine Health Monitoring Trainer

Curriculum Coverage  

  • Introduction to Signal Processing
  • Acquiring Physical Phenomena
  • Vibrations Fundamentals
  • Shaft Balancing & Bearing Faults
  • Voltage & Current Waveforms
  • Phasor Diagrams
  • Power Fundamentals & Calculations
  • Harmonics
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Computer based Machine Health Monitoring Trainer used to teach vibration, power and temperature monitoring in rotary motors

  • Comprises all required sensors to measure vibration,temperature and power parameters

  • For use with National Instruments Data Acquisition & Control hardware

The Machine Health Monitoring Trainer is used to demonstrate “Intelligent Maintenance” concepts. Through a series of experiments and investigations that study mechanical and electrical components of a machine, the student is introduced to machine health monitoring main parameters; vibration, power and temperature.

Learning to monitor these parameters helps the student better understand machine and components’ degradation that lead to failure.

Students will learn what vibration parameters to monitor for detecting motor balance and bearings status. They will also be introduced to power quality measures contributing to machine health including voltage and current waveforms,harmonics, frequency, active and reactive power, power factor, etc…