NI VirtualBench

Radically Practical

By combining the most essential instruments into one device and integrating with PCs and iPads, the NI VirtualBench all-in-one instrument is simple, convenient, and opens up new possibilities for how you can interact with benchtop instruments.

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Five Instruments in One Device

  • Mixed-Signal Oscilloscope
  • Digital Multimeter
  • Function Generator
  • Programmable DC Power Supply
  • Digital I/O


  • Applications for Windows PC and iPad
  • WiFi and USB connectivity

New Possibilities for Your Bench

Reduce Clutter and Save Space

At 10 in. × 7.5 in. × 2.9 in., VirtualBench takes up less space on your bench and is easily portable using an optional carrying case.

Connect Wirelessly and Detach Your Display

Enjoy the freedom to move your display wherever you want. Connect via an existing WiFi network or directly to a network hosted by VirtualBench.

An Intuitive Software Experience 

See All Instruments Together in One Screen

Consolidate the user interface for each instrument into one consistent experience so you can view and interact with everything all at once.

Interact With Mouse and Multitouch Gestures

Streamline instrument configuration like never before. Use a mouse and scroll wheel on a PC or your fingers to pinch and zoom on an iPad.